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The unique power of family moments

Family at the Forefront

Family at the Forefront is a non-profit organization founded by Frank E. Devito in honor of his mother who passed away in 2013. As she carried all her life the grief of losing a parent at a young age, she chose to instill in her son the importance of enjoying family moments. Having witnessed first hand the pain felt by families when a loved one is struck with a serious illness, Frank decided to support those living this situation through an NPO.

Today, Family at the Forefront proudly makes a profound imprint on Integrated Capital’s culture.


When a family member is suffering from a serious illness, everyone is affected. Family at the Forefront’s mission is to help families by providing them with the opportunity to create and live memorable moments with their loved ones. Family at the Forefront is dedicated to this cause so that, despite any illness, memories left by a family member are remembered through happy events.

The Devito Family implication

Under the direction of Frank’s wife, Sylvie, the organization is aptly named because both Frank and Sylvie’s family and that of Integrated Capital participate in its charitable purpose. Proud of our commitment to Family at the Forefront, we also invite all of our partners to support the organization.

For more information about Family at the Forefront or to ask for support, for yourself or for someone in need, visit