Frank E. Devito

Serial entrepreneur and man of conviction

Who is Frank E. Devito?

An entrepreneur at heart, Frank has been captivated by the business world since his teens. Taking his initial entrepreneurial steps in the insurance and financial services sector at just 21 years old, he found success by dedicating himself to reshaping the industry for the benefit of his clients. Today, Frank leads Integrated Capital with pride and humility, enjoying every minute of it as he did when he first started. He remains deeply engaged with the companies on a daily basis, instilling his passion and showcasing his leadership through action.

Born to an Italian family established in the province of Quebec for 4 generations, son of a Quebecois mother, raised and educated in Ontario, Frank feels at home in Quebec. With 25 years of experience, he now shares his expertise and determination with fellow entrepreneurs, aiming to contribute to their success and integrate them into his expansive business network.


Frank’s purpose is anchored in a profound need to give. This is why he’s eager to pass on his experience to a new generation of business builders.

Frank is actively involved in many different ways:

  • Conferences: Frank is actively engaged in presenting conferences dedicated to workplace growth, with a particular focus on group benefits. His presentations serve as a platform to illustrate the substantial value of comprehensive benefits packages for both employees and employers.
  • Partnerships: Frank consistently seeks strategic partnerships that can enhance the CI network and fuel its growth. His approach to collaboration is deeply rooted in the belief that forging the right alliances is instrumental to a company’s success. It is for this reason that Frank made the deliberate choice to partner GPM with People Corporation. Recognizing the potential synergies and shared vision, he saw in this partnership an opportunity to amplify the company’s reach, capabilities, and overall impact. By teaming up with People Corporation, Frank aims to not only strengthen the CI network’s competitive edge but also to provide valuable services and solutions to an even broader audience, ultimately propelling the organization to new heights of success.
  • Personal commitment: Through his corporate network, Frank interacts often with young business people. He always makes himself accessible and available to meet passionate people with promising projects.

With Purpose Comes Passion Which in Turn Delivers Results 

A Man of Values

With the philosophy that “With purpose comes passion which in turn delivers results”, Frank takes pride in instilling his personal values into his daily professional activities. Transparency, generosity, integrity and passion are at the heart of all his entrepreneurial undertakings. With the conviction that these values lead to success, he selects his partners based on the strong human connection he has forms with them. Frank firmly holds that mutual respect among collaborators is the key to a thriving association.

Sylvie and Frank are raising their two sons and daughter while integrating their core values into their family life. Frank, who is interested in everything that surrounds him and attentive to others by nature, applies these attributes to his business endeavors. He is equally attentive when it comes to his family, ensuring that even Jackson, the house’s English bulldog, benefits from his care!