Collectivo is a group health insurance broker that aligns the needs of its clients to the reality of a world where healthcare costs are constantly evolving.

Collectivo is made up of experienced personnel who are well-versed in healthcare cost management. They keep growing each day by helping businesses take back control of their group health insurance plan.

An Offer that Stands Out

More than a simple insurance brokerage firm, Collectivo is at the forefront of sound healthcare cost management in an ever-changing market. In order to always provide the best available offer to its clients, Collectivo brings together under one roof every existing financial model in group insurance and present them without any bias.

Thanks to its team of experts, the company is also able to work upstream of any market disruption to deliver customized and client-centric solutions.

Collectivo: Simpler Together 

An Integrated Company under the leadership of Mario Gosselin

The president of Collectivo Mario Gosselin caught the attention of Frank several years ago thanks to his vast experience in the medical field and in the insurance world. Thanks to a long career, he developed his knowledge and expertise in these fields, and he now puts his skills at the service of Collectivo’s clients. At the head of the company, Mario innovates and transforms his industry.

By being different through its highly personalized service and remarkable involvement with its partners, Collectivo was a natural choice to become an Integrated company.