GPM Group Benefits

Founded by Frank E. Devito, GPM offers a unique group insurance model in a service-oriented environment. Its steady growth has placed GPM at the forefront of its industry, and the company’s performance has been featured five consecutive times in Canada’s Profit 500 ranking, one of the country’s most prestigious acknowledgment of entrepreneurial success.

An Offer that Stands Out

GPM is first and foremost a service company, working in close collaboration with clients, in a philosophy that stems from a will to keep clients, for life!

An ambitious dream that has become reality for a number of years, backed by an unparalelled service promise, resulting in a retention rate of 98% over 10 years.

An Integrated Company

As the first entrepreneurial venture that led to the creation of Integrated Capital, Group Premier Medical remains at the core of Frank’s daily activities: ”it’s where he hangs his hat’‘. The founder of both companies continues to be closely involved in activities of GPM, guiding company activities, growth and contributing to its success.

The founding principles of GPM are also shared by Integrated Capital. This brings both companies closer together and reflects the values of Frank: the need to innovate, as well as to provide efficient and best-in-class service are the principles that push both entities forward.